Why Are My Sons in Xavier School?

Our children attended PACE Academy for two years. At that time, the decision to enroll them there was based solely on convenience. To be clear, I did ask around and the opinion of those who have their children enrolled at PACE was generally positive – at that time.

Rinaldo & Renzo

Rinaldo & Renzo at Xavier School

In the two years my sons studied there, it appeared that PACE Academy might not be the right school. In the end, the limited facilities and commitment to cleanliness and safety became a factor in the decision to transfer to a new school.

I love my sons dearly. While searching for a new school, I had to think about what is best for them. Both my sons are smart boys. Academically, as long as they pay attention, I have no doubt in my mind that they will excel. However, one thing I noticed about my youngest son, Renzo, is that in class, he refuses to mingle with other children. He prefers to be by himself.

Three years ago, he started to have white spots on top and side of his head. We found out after consulting with doctors that he has a skin condition called Vitiligo. It happens when the body’s own immune system begins to attack the cells responsible for pigments, which resulted in white spots on the skin. Hair that grows on those spots are white.

Renzo’s case is considered non-life threatening. It could have been worse. However, that he has a white streak of hair made him conscious of how people started to notice him. In many cases, strangers would find him cute and touch his head.

He started to resent that. He gets angry, and frustrated. For that reason, besides wanting to play all day, he refuses to go to school. Once he did, he prefers to be by himself. He didn’t want people to notice him.

As days stretched to weeks, I contemplated on how I should choose a school. Finally, it came down to a question that I asked myself. “Should I choose a school based on convenience or opportunity?”

I answered my own question with another question. “What is my obligation to my children, besides providing, protecting and caring for them?”

Obviously, education is the most important gift I can give them. I feel if they have good education, they will have better job opportunities. If I could save money for them in the future, it should be something they will value and use as a capital to start a business of their own, instead of spending foolishly.

Once again, I started to consider several schools I have in mind. This time, I paid attention to the general behavior and attitude of their graduates and came to realize that many of them are well-rounded and confident people. I felt the school trained them well.

Xavier School is farther than any school I was considering. Traffic is horrendous, and to avoid traffic, the children will have to wake up at 5am, more than an hour earlier than they are accustomed to. The cost of education at Xavier School is also much higher than other schools.

If you read the previous article, you will know that I will do anything for my children. Disregarding ‘inconvenience’, I visited the school. Having seen the facilities and after talking to many parents whose children are enrolled at Xavier School, I went home convinced this is the right school.

One thing that really made the decision to transfer to Xavier School easier was the facilities. With more than seven hectares of land, the school has many sports program children can participate in. Renzo, in particular, loves sports. I hoped that through team sports, he can develop friendship with other students and that attitude would carry on in class.

I truly believe his social skills will develop dramatically once he is comfortable in his new environment. As for my elder son, Rinaldo, he is excited about the different clubs he can join. He also looks forward to owning his own MacBook once he reaches high school.

On December 2010, the decision was made. The process to transfer Rinaldo and Renzo to Xavier School started.

Xavier School is not a lifestyle. It is an opportunity for the children to receive good education and develop into well-rounded young men who, one day, will contribute to the society in their own capacity. It is not a place for parents to brag about. It is about the children who will learn humility by putting the words of God to heart. It is not a place for parents to showcase the latest fashion. It is about parents who work hard to put children in an environment that enhances their abilities to succeed in the future.

Am I rich? Absolutely not! As a matter of fact, I still have debts, and I am working hard to pay these debts and, at the same time, put my sons to a good school. All I could wish for is that they will take education seriously.


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