When People Are Real

There is something about people that gets to me – reality distortion. Some of you may have never heard of that term, while some may have heard about it from news sources soon after Steve Jobs died.

Steve Jobs

The Master of Reality Distortion

Steve Jobs was famous for distorting reality and people believed him. In business, it was good. He asked for the impossible, and the people who worked with him turned his demands into reality. People in marketing should know reality distortion as they somehow made people believe they needed the products the marketers are promoting.

Yet, when reality distortion is applied to human relationships, no good can come out. At the very least, reality distortion is the equivalent of white lie. How can lies serve to forge a strong relationship?

Everyday, we see people we care for. Beneath those smiles and laughter, what secrets are kept? Are we seeing reality, or distorted reality? Are we seeing the truth, or lies? How well do we know these people?


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  1. #1 by Imelda Santos on August 24, 2012 - 9:37 am

    Truth is essential to all our interactions – in halls of government, the classroom, the workplace, the supermarket, the home. Truth-telling builds trust. As I tell my children, “If you tell a lie about ONE thing, it will be tough to believe you about ANYTHING.”

  1. Choose One: Honest Asshole or Kind Liar? « Daddy Lee 1969

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