Children Do Take Advantage

I remember the days when Rinaldo was over a year old. As soon as he sees my face when I go into our bedroom at night, he starts crying. For him, seeing me means he stops playing and it’s time to sleep. I don’t recall a time when I allowed him to play some more.

Nowadays, when I say it’s time to sleep, Rinaldo would complain, while Renzo would cry. There was a time when I tell them if they don’t stop, then they will lose apps on their iPads, or worse, I would reset their iPads, therefore deleting everything. On a few occasions, I did reset their iPads, but before doing so, I made sure they were backed up properly. It’s something I don’t have to tell them.


Rinaldo Crying at the Gymboree

I think they learned their lessons. As the nights go by, the arguments are lesser. On many occasions, I would ask them. “Do you think that by crying, I would allow you to play some more? Are you crying just to see if it works with me?” Sometimes, they would start laughing and say yes.

The thing is, I am fairly consistent with their schedules. Just because they complain or cry, I don’t give in to what they want. The same principle applies to their daily activities – such as eating their meals, or giving them a shower.

They key to maintaining discipline is consistency. When a member of the household could not maintain the same discipline, often giving in, then children will know about this, and they will take advantage.

This is not good at all. At times, members of the household would be at odds with each other, argue, or even fight. A family could talk and agree on the best way to deal with children, yet talking is easier than getting it done. Don’t be surprised if there are people who say one thing and do the opposite thing.

Consistency – that is the key.


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